Featuring portfolios, projects and book/magazine publications by the collective and invited photographers.

Listed as being among one of the best Collectives
“who have distinguished themselves by the quality
of the proposal and by historical significance”
Alex Coghe, Street Photography Collectives: Only the Best

The Analogue Street collective “is made up of like minded and open hearted
photographers. Each shooter has a unique vision and experience”
Don Springer (streetshooter.net), from TASC book ‘novem II‘ Foreword

“A diverse and eclectic group of photographers united by their
desire to capture the soul of city streets—using (mostly)
the irreplaceable medium of traditional film photography.”
– Alexander Strecker, LensCulture Featured Interview

Included in a list of the leading street photography collectives in the world
Exibart Street


The Analogue Street Collective was initiated by Lara Kantardjian with the site created
in October 2014 and featured photographers Flickr group in 2016.
Flickr Curated (Magazine Invite) Group

Based on ‘The Analogue Street’ Facebook community page [Apr 2013]
by Frieder Zimmermann and Michael Gehling.


Lara Kantardjian [Curator, Editor Book, Magazine Publications]
Marie-Pierre-Lambelin [Magazine-Interviews]
Paulo Abrantes [Since 2018/Magazine-Articles]
Dirk Vogel
Manolo L B Mantera 
Cyril Jayant


Ando Fuchs
Frieder Zimmermann
Michael Gehling
Maike Venzl




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