#2 2017 /  Print Edition 2019
Joined Collective in 2020
Eses Moto
Tokyo, Japan

Eses is a research worker and a street photographer born in Japan in 1963. One of his subjects is imaging a sense of loneliness and quietness in urban environments. He tries to devote himself to a silent street, a heavy rain, a midnight drive and strong coffee.

“Why analogue?”

Memory has been a matter of concern for him, since he lost a part of his memories by injury decades ago. Analogue photographs for him are almost equivalent to his lost memories, which seems to be obscure, fragile and a little mysterious, but definitely engraved something deep in his mind. Probably he wants to reconstruct a pure and confused mosaic of those deep feelings for himself in a very primitive way, that is a reason why he often shoots a photograph using a film on the street.