Magazine #4 | Exclusive Feature / Series
Joined Collective in 2020

Born 1957 in Torres Vedras, a small town a few miles from Lisbon, Portugal.

As well as being one of the most famous professional saxophone players in Portugal, his work as a fine art photographer, using mostly medium and large format film, has been shown in more than 50 exhibitions in Portugal and Brazil, as well as many articles and interviews published in books and magazines in Portugal, USA, UK, Russia and Brazil.

In 2005 his work was published in one of the best fine art magazines in the world, the B&W Magazine.

He develops and enlarges all his films and photographs in his personal darkroom and sells photographs in 25 limited editions and also some open editions. All of his photos are enlarged in fiberbase barited glossy paper, sellenium toned, dated, signed and numbered. He teaches Landscape, Studio Portrait, Nude, Aerial photography and Darkroom Workshops, in Portugal and Brazil.



TASC Featured Project
‘Ruralities’ series

Taken in the countryside with medium and large format negatives (35mm where indicated).