Maike Venzl

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In 2005 Maike started taking photographs with an Adox Golf, a bellow folding camera manufactured in the early 1950s. Having discovered silver based photography, she became increasingly fascinated with the high quality technique of traditional medium format film. which then became her passion. Soon she learnt autodidacticly, the development of black-and-white films and still loves the manual and creative process. Her main focus is urban street life and emotional atmospheres in black-and-white film. When in Paris in 2012, she found Jazz photography as another, highly inspiring theme. Since 2014 she has also been working with a broken Adox Golf, which she re-modelled into a medium format pinhole film camera.

Her favourite tools are a 1973 Hasselblad 500C/M and a 1950 bellow camera Franka Solida III.
She lives with her little daughter near Cologne and works in the public relation field.
Her analogue photographs have been exhibited in Düsseldorf, Neu-Isenburg and Paris.

Photography: Maike Venzl © All rights reserved