Frieder Zimmermann

Living in Cologne (Koeln) Germany, this attractive cathedral-city where the cheerful way of life gives him reasons enough to take pictures for more than 30 years.
Exhibitions: “Straße lebt!” in the “Neuer Kunstverein” Wuppertal August 2012
Straßenfotografie at Hair Basics Cologne October 2012;
Gemeindehaus Leverkusen Hitdorf 2013.
Photo-exhibition ‘Time for you’ in Remscheid-Honsberg 2013
Exhibition in the church St. Stephanus of Leverkusen 2014; Premiere of the audio-vision “INside-OUT”
Two publications in the international Hasselblad Bulletin
Multimedia productions for major clients in Germany and France 2007 – 2010

Portfolio: f11 photography
Blog: Cologne photography

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Photography: Frieder Zimmermann © All rights reserved