Valerio Zaccone
Palermo, Italia

Photographing is like writing, with images rather than words. The camera is like the pen. The light that is imprinted on the silver of the film is like the ink imprinted on the sheet of paper. Photographs as tales of light and snapshots of life as novels and poems.

We are used to running from place to place without really observing what and who surrounds us. Always pursued by some commitment, with eyes always fixed on the clock that imperturbably marks the tight rhythms of our life.
On the contrary, photography allows you to take a breath, to really perceive what surrounds us. Freezing an instant of time and space within a frame allows us to understand the value of what we sometimes take for granted.

Analogue photography for me is like a therapy, it allows me to stop, slow down and meditate on what surrounds me.



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