Photography never assumes the function of providing a merely descriptive or aesthetically artificial reproduction of the real, but becomes metaphorical expression and manifestation of a feeling. Allegorical illustration of the transience and emptiness of life. Of an existential condition profoundly marked by the sense of impermanence and chaos.

Born in Italy, graduated in Economics at the University of Bologna, Roberto De Mitri has overcome the “Black and White Spider Awards” 2014 category “Fine art – Amateur” with the photo “De silent of sand”. In 2015, he received the second place in Fine Art, abstract category, for the series “Nigredo” at International Photography Awards. In 2016, he won the 11th edition of the Black and White Spider Awards, abstract category, with “De Fall”, winning the title of “Honor of Distinction” in Photographer of the Year.

In 2018, he won the first prize to the IPA Awards in the category “Fine Art – Abstract” with the series “Solaris”.




FEATURED SERIES – City of ghosts