Natasha Jdanova
#3 | Photo Story | Series ‘Absurd Life’


Born in 1984, Saint – Petersburg

2006 Graduated State University of Saint-Petersburg, faculty of Journalism.

I’ve been walking and wondering around with my camera since 2003. Taking photos year after year different countries, cities, people, streets and roads without thinking “why”. Just observing and making sketches. I have only the moment to manage to push the button of my camera and with that not to cross the line in between artist and his surrounding. This is the line where you can stay considerate and grateful to two endless worlds-fantasy and reality. Photography is my way of praying, my mantra. I am mediator, incognito, simple motive that coincidentally comes out through mumbling one’s breath.

The stories are created by the experience, that are gained through time, cognition and work.

2010 “Walking”, “Photobiennial-2010”, Moscow.