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Self Portrait © Knut Skjærven

Knut Skjærven is a Norwegian photographer, researcher and journalist living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He works as a free-lance journalist and photographer and can be hired as such.  He is a member of NFF, Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Organisation, in Norway.

Knut Skærven is educated at University of Bergen (B.A.) and University of Copenhagen (M.A.). Formally in Film Science but including philosophy, psychology, aesthetics, logic, mass communication and related areas.

As a former manager in one of the largest Danish companies, TDC, he has completed one of the most prestigious leadership courses on the Danish market, including a stay at INSEAD.

He has written two books and lots of articles on and around communication and have done hands on strategies, business development, content analysis, strategic alliances, project management for larger companies.

Photography is his hobby and also the core activity for many of the other things that he does.

In 2014, Knut Skjærven, was interviewed by Financial Times for his photography. In 2015 he was nominated for the prestigious HCB Award by Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France. See News Desk for more information.

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Taken with Contax G2 and Leica M6

Contax G Revisited

I decided that I wanted  to revisit my Contax G with its beautiful lens: Planar 45/2. Must have bought it around 2000 when I was a member of The Contax G Pages run by Glen Campbell.

For many years it was my preferred gear.

When I started arranging street meets in Berlin in 2008 it was only for Contax G photographers.

For a period I was the proud owner of 2 Contax G2 bodies plus Hologon 16/8; Biogon 21/2,8; Biogon 28/2,8; Planar 45/2; and Sonnar 9/2,8 and

Going digital I traded most of it off at a local dealer thinking I would never come back to the complicated and expensive world of film.

Now I am not so sure anymore.

Going to Berlin in the beginning of June 2017 I decided to try my Contax gear. The G2 and the Planar 45/2. That is the combination I have kept.

What you see below are a few pictures straight from the box. Meaning I have only straightened and made minor crops. No post production beyond that. Film is Kodak TX400.

Most of the pictures are from Berlin, KZ Sachsenhausen. One is from David Bowie’s memorial in Berlin, and another is from Martin Luther’s city Wittenberg an hour drive from Berlin..

Copenhagen, July 3, 2017.
© Knut Skjærven.

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Photographer: Knut Skjærven © All rights reserved