Featured Article #2 2017 / Print Edition 2019

Philadelphia, USA

The Streetshooter in his own words…

‘Photography has been in my active DNA since before I was 13. I started on the streets where I grew up in North Philly.
I wasn’t aware of doing Street. I had no idea others made images out there. I was a virgin shooter with little or no guidance. The camera and thus, photography seemed to protect me from the harsh everyday realities.
When I got drafted and sent to Nam, I carried an M4 with a 35 & 50 Cron. I documented my experiences and the change in my life. I photographed everything and everyone I could because I felt the  reality of life changing almost every second. Photographs captured and preserved the moment and I became acutely aware of the power of the silver image.

After Nam, I worked at a heightened awareness on the streets of Philly. I made many trips to NYC and other places to find my next image. Nothing satisfied my hunger like walking the street with my M4.
The street had taken over my vision. The street had taken over my life and it also granted me life. To this day, I am not complete without a camera in my hand.

We as shooters are blessed with the gift of recording what life on the planet looked like while we were here.
It is said that shooters should try to see as if seeing something for the first time.
I’d rather see something as if I’m seeing it for the last time.
Go in peace but go with a camera in your hand.’

“As photographers we must do our work without fear of acceptance or rejection by others or by ourselves. We do our work because we must. We don’t define our work, it defines us. It makes us who we are and shows us the way to become who and what we strive to be.” dms


TALES of the STREETS Street Photography chronicles by Don Springer


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