#3 | ‘New York Blues’ Series

Born 1952 in West-Berlin

Medical school at the University of Berlin

Since 1970 intensive examination of photography. Numerous publications in various initially Photo magazines (among others photography, Leica photography, photo magazine, Color- photo, Olympus magazine, Photo- Scene, focal point).

On international photo salons many awards as Best Photographer. Title AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) of the Federation International de L` art photographique.

1989 shift vocational emphasis. Medical practice only occasionally in the outpatient emergency service, as a doctor and with the Berlin Philharmonic on tour. For now professional photographer first journalistic aligned with orders and publications for / in u.a .: Stern, TIME Magazine, FAZ magazine, GEO season, Focus, Forbes, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Sibylle, Burda Moden. For magazine GLOBO many reports from around the world, among others via New York, Montevideo, Guadeloupe, Virgin Islands, Eastern Orient Express, Bangkok, Kos, Sussex, Tegernsee, Berlin.

1992 appointment to the DGPh (German Society for Photography).

Third prize at the global Nikon Contest 1994th

1995 four months Theater photograph taken at the Berlin Schaubühne. Order the foyer design with your own pictures
1995-2000 one of the main authors of the heading “Viewpoint” in the Berliner Tagesspiegel.

Diverse own artistic exhibition and book projects.
Of the books published so far: “. Leningrad / St Petersburg” (published by Aron 1991), “Wannsee Beach” (published by Haude & Spener 1995), “Metropolis” (published by Quinar media production 2000) “Allein (epubli 2011). More books are in preparation.

Since 1997, as an actor in many TV roles (agency Fast Forward)

2012 – Purchase of 30 images by the German Historical Museum in Berlin.

Exhibitions from 1983 – 2015:

Galerie Brennpunkt, Berlin
Olympusgalerie, Hamburg
Fotoforum Zango, München
Galerie Aroma, Berlin
Amerika- Haus Berlin, Tübingen, Heidelberg
Kunstamt Neukölln, Berlin
Galerie Voller Ernst, Berlin
Goethe- Institut Montevideo, Uruguay
PPS- Galerie, Berlin
Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin
Galerie Aroma, Berlin
Urania, Berlin
Galerie im Körnerpark, Kunstamt Neukölln, Berlin
Staatliche Landesbildstelle, Hamburg
Galerie im Körnerpark, Kunstamt Neukölln, Berlin
Brahms Art gallery, Firma Brahms, Hennigsdorf
Commerzbank, Berlin
Galerie Aroma, Berlin
Galerie Pernkopf, Berlin
Fix-Foto, Berlin
Galerie Lufttraum, Berlin
SABA.galerie, Tucholskystr, Berlin
Galerie Carpentier, Berlin
Schloss Neuhardenberg
Cafe Berio, Berlin


Selected Books
Leningrad / St Petersburg

Wannsee Beach